What is Memban?

The word is a contraction of ‘Memory Bank’. I used to write a journal at school in the 70s and then I lost touch with that side of my life. But nowadays, with all the issues of internet security, I have returned to writing by hand in ink on paper.

Memban is a place to talk about the different ways of capturing memories. I enjoy reading my old journals. There is something special about reliving memories, especially when written by hand.

I know people who buy journals but never write a word, afraid of committing their ideas to paper, especially those expensive leather-bound journals. They think of these pages as being much too precious for mere words. Or so they think.

So, in this blog, I discuss ways of producing material that matters to you so that you can fill those blank pages with confidence.

Journal Writing

In writing your journal give primary attention to detail; for it is a detail which organises and preserves experience for your future self or some another reader. General statements like “we had a wonderful time” or “it was the dismal morning” make a mockery of the whole procedure, for they it evaluate the experience without recreating it.   Robert Grudin